Ora et Labora

School Rules



  1. Open defiance of Authority.Defiance means opposing authority/Ignoring authority/Ignoring instructions.
  2. Smoking hemp or cigarettes or use of other dangerous drugs or found in possession ofhemp/cigarettes.
  3. Drunkenness and drinking alcoholic drinks.
  4. Found in possession of alcoholic drink and / or being found at a drinking place.
  5. Teasing and / or bullying as well as fighting.
  6. Staying overnight without permission.
  7. Being responsible for pregnancy / alleged responsibility of pregnancy.
  8. Use of obscene language.
  9. Serious thefty.
  10. Engaging in vandalism, such as deliberate damage to school property.
  11. Instigating rebellious behaviour i.e. riots, Strikes and boycotts.
  12. Taking part in rebellious behaviour or subversive activities.


  1. Truancy – staying away from school without permission
  2. Being out – of - bounds.
  3. Occasional absence from classes.
  4. Quarrelling and / or abusing other pupils.
  5. Reporting late at the start of the term and late for school activities.
  6. Indecent dressing i.e. lowering trousers far below the waist (kukhwefula), wearing pata-pata, dust – coats, cut offs, jeans, T-Shirts, fancy belt, baggy/ multi-pocket trousers, hats, sunglasses, earing, necklaces in public function like class periods, dining, library.
  7. Loss of school property and / or scribbling on school furniture, text – books and buildings.
  8. Careless disposal of litter e.g. paper, peels etc around the school.
  9. Noise making and / or movements when classes are in session and during preps.
  10. Trespassing.
  11. Taking (eating) meals outside the dinning hall.
  12. Petty thefty.
  13. Bringing in visitors into the hostels and / or entertaining visitors in the campus without permission.
  14. Cooking of anything in hostels and around the campus is prohibited.
  15. Radios and / or any other musical instruments are not allowed in the campus.
  16. Use of cell phones not allowed.

N.B. (i)The list of the offenses is by no means exhaustive.The school therefore has the power to deal with cases not appearing 

           on the list accordingly using its discretion after careful consideration and assessment of the situation.

        (ii)Graduation Days will be decided by school Authorities i.e. not by students.



(i). ALL SPECIAL OFFENCES warrant an immediate suspension which will be reported to the Ministry of Education for final 


(ii). Habitual committing of offences requiring internal corrective measures.

B. Internal corrective measures.

    ALL OTHER OFFENSES will require internal corrective measures such as:

  1. Counselling
  2. Warning
  3. Rustication for a maximum period of two weeks and a minimum period of one week.
  4. Withdraw of previledges
  5. Imposition of tasks to the advantage of the school (generally referred to as “punishments”).
  6. Corrective measures based on the principles of positive re-enforcement of desirable behaviour such as recognition of good action by words of praise or encouragement.


Any student who is excluded from school will not be allowed to write National Examinations unless otherwise stated by the Ministry of Education.


Any pupil who commits an offense warranting exclusion:

(i).In the middle of writing National Examination will be suspended and appropriate recommendations made to the Ministry.

(ii)After the National Examination are over will have his results nullified.

Please after reading and discussing with your ward/son, sign in the space below and return it to us when your son comes back to school.

NOTE:Every sick student will be taken to hospital for medical attention. The school

will be very reluctant to accommodate any student who refuses to go to hospital.

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