Ora et Labora


  1. Text Books 
  2. School Bus (for field visits)

1. Name of the project: Purchasing of text books and school bus (for field study visits)

2. Name of the Institution: Likuni Boys Secondary School

3. Contact Person: The Headmaster, Likuni Boys Secondary School, 

P.O. Box 50,


Malawi. C. Africa. 


6. Bank Details:

Account Name:  Likuni Boys Secondary School

Account Number: 318906 (Current A/C)

National Bank, Lilongwe Branch

7. Problem: Reflecting on our mission statement, objectives and achievements, Likuni Boys Secondary School is facing a number of Challenges due to lack of necessary teaching and learning resources especially text books, computer and physical lab materials. As a way of reducing some of the challenges which the school is going, a few teaching and learning resources have been purchased as indicated in table 2.

Likuni Boys Secondary School is still foreseeing some dangers of losing its position on the map on the production of University Candidature and successful leaders due to lack of teaching and learning materials.

Before it is too late in reducing such challenges, this proposal is to address your well wish and request for your hand in any other area within your reach by clicking on needs. It is our belief that with your support, we shall produce good, independent, innovative, development minded, and responsible citizens as you are today. It is our hope that your assistance, especially in the purchasing of text books will help Likuni Boys Secondary School to continue producing responsible and developmental minded citizens, employees & employers, leaders who can develop themselves, others, and our beloved mother Malawi.

8. Proposal Activities

a) Background of Likuni Boys Secondary School

This institution became a secondary school in the year 1960. Prior to this year, Likuni Boys Secondary School was known as St John’s Teacher Training College which was opened in 1927 by the Missionaries of Africa. The Marist Brothers took over in 1949. In 1958, the T.T.C was moved to a new site along the Lilongwe – Dedza Road.

Likuni Boys Secondary School which became a secondary school in 1960 was approved by the government as a double-stream grant aided secondary school in 1962.

i) Location

Likuni Boys Secondary School is located 9 Kms away from the capital city of Lilongwe in Malawi, within Likuni Catholic Misssion, along Lilongwe – Kamuzu Dam Road.

ii) The Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of Likuni Boys Secondary School is to provide holistic education that will equip learners with spiritual values, academic knowledge and skills towards the benefit of the whole country and development of the society wherever they shall be.

iii) Some of the achievements the institution has made are as follows:

  • 1)the institution has been managing in feeding the University of Malawi with quality students as it
  • has been illustrated in table 1.
  • 2)has produced responsible, hardworking leaders who are managing big companies and
  • government departments.

b) Objectives of the institution and project

i)-students have achieved a good academic performance, knowledge and skills.

ii)-students have qualified for University Education.

iii)-students have safeguarded good morals and are responsible citizens.

iv)-students have developed an appreciated, cultural values and love of manual work and studies.