Ora et Labora

Mr.  Tiyamike Mkanthama

Finishing Year: 2002
Phone: +50689060956
E-mail: shagalimka14@gmail.com

Employer: PhD Candidate at the University for Peace - UN Mandated University


My 4 year experience at Likuni Boys’ Secondary (LIBOSS) is brimful of many a nostalgic memory. The unwavering moral/spiritual demeanor that was developed; the strong bonds of friendship which were created; the intellectual faculties that were acquired; the creative minds that blossomed, etc. all attest to the spirit embedded in the ‘Ora et labora’ motto. Indeed, at this esteemed institution we “prayed” and we “worked”.

Specifically, I participated in: the Drama Club (as an actor), the Arts Club (as both a cartoonist and a writer), the Wild Life Club (as the Vice-Chairman), etc. and also served as the Likuni House prefect. Following my studies at LIBOSS, I further pursued a Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences at the University of Malawi, Chancellor College (CHANCO), and later acquired a Master Degree in Environment, Development and Peace at the University for Peace-UN Mandated University (UPEACE). At the moment I am doing a PhD within the field of Sustainable Development at UPEACE. Currently, I am living in Costa Rica where my wife is from. But the plan is to return back to Malawi after my studies.