Ora et Labora

Dr.  Cornelius Kondwani Huwa

Finishing Year: 2002
Phone: +265 999 374 103
E-mail: chuwa1982@gmail.com

Employer: Palliative Care Support Trust


I am a Medical Director of Palliative Care Support Trust. I am a husband to Dr Jacqueline Huwa and a father of Maziko Huwa and mapenzi Huwa.

I served as the Head prefect of LIBOSS in the years 2001 to 2002. I was selected to the College of Medicine after my form 4 at LIBOSS. 

I have passion in Youth Development and love to motivate young people to reach their full potential. I co-founded the Youth Inspiration Movement, an organisation whose vision is to reach out to the young with the message of empowerment, self-help and good character.